Turning Pages, Turning Lives

Gifting the joy of reading to a generation of children.

Volunteers Visiting a Prison

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our program.  

Incarcerated Woman and Volunteer

The simple act of recording a book can change lives.

The Face of Women’s Storybook Project

Join us in this rewarding service to mothers and their children.    

Proud Participants

Mothers find joy, community and connection with their children in this program.

Our Mission

Connecting children with their incarcerated moms through the joy of literature.

Turning Pages…Turning Lives

Women’s Storybook Project (WSP) of Texas is a special program that helps incarcerated mothers do what moms have always done to comfort and nurture their children—read them bedtime stories, using their own voices to love, reassure, and encourage them from miles away.

WSP volunteers visit women’s prisons in Central and East Texas once a month to record mothers reading books aloud to their children. We then mail the books and CD recordings to the children, who live all over the United States.

These children are among the most at-risk populations in the United States: a child whose parent is incarcerated is six to nine times more likely to wind up in prison than a child whose parent is not incarcerated. WSP strives to change this statistic by strengthening the mother-child connection.

WSP launched in 2003 with five volunteers visiting a single correctional facility, mailing 25 packages per month. Currently, we have nearly 200 volunteers working in six of the nine Texas women’s prisons, mailing 350 packages per month. Our goal is to partner with all nine facilities so more children, their mothers, and our communities can benefit from this simple idea with a big impact. Through turning pages, we are turning lives.

Watch the “The STORY of Storybook” video to learn how Women’s Storybook Project volunteers are transforming the lives of incarcerated women, their children and caregivers.

Check us out on HuffPost Live, a live streaming network.  Director Judith Dullnig and volunteer Kristin Sample discussed WSP with host Nancy Redd.

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Our Impact

(2014 Stats)
  • 1291

    Mothers who recorded stories
  • 2578

    Children who received books
  • 2126

    Books donated to children
  • 3171

    Volunteer hours
  • 6


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Give Now

Donating Your Dollars:


  • $15 covers the cost of our signature book, The Invisible String by Patrice Karst
  • $25 will cover the costs of new books, CDs, mailing envelopes, and postage for packages for two children
  • $50 will pay for gas for one month for volunteers to travel to prison facilities
  • $100 will purchase eight digital devices used to record mothers reading books
  • $400 will buy one laptop computer equipped to create CD copies of the recordings
  • No amount is too small to have a big impact!



  • We are grateful to our volunteers!
    We are grateful to our volunteers!

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  • Progress in San Saba!
    Progress in San Saba!

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