WSP Spotlight: Meet Kerry from Minuteman Press!

Meet Kerry! For over a decade, Kerry Muniz at Minuteman Press has been our trusted printing partner at Women’s Storybook Project (WSP). Today, we’re honored to spotlight her in our series. 

Kerry first encountered WSP in May of 2013 when Judith Dulling went to Minuteman Press to order WSP newsletters. The two clicked remarkably and Judith, described by Kerry as a pleasure to work with, left a lasting impression. Ever since, Minuteman Press has been printing the organization’s newsletters, business cards, thank you notes, letterhead, envelopes and mailers. 

Upon discovering the program, Kerry recalls being impressed and amazed by the work WSP performs for incarcerated mothers and their children. She defines the program as an astounding contribution to our community. The unexpected impact of the organization became apparent as she observed WSP’s remarkable growth and charitable benefits to the community. Kerry appreciates WSP’s knack for inspiring more individuals to participate, recognizing the paramount importance of their work. 

Kerry has most enjoyed collaborating with Sun Connor and Judith Dulling and has found getting to know them over the years to be an absolute treat. Kerry expresses that the opportunity to work alongside such astonishing women, and witness them do significant things for other women and their children, stands out as one of the highlights of her career. Kerry wants people to know how much WSP does for the incarcerated moms and their children. As a mother herself, she knows how important it is to read to our children, as it helps them grow and learn tremendously. 

While those familiar with Kerry may perceive her as shy, modest, and reserved, there’s more to her than meets the eye—she’s the dynamic General Manager of Minuteman Press Downtown, running the show with confidence! Kerry has diligently earned her position, and made substantial contributions to WSP and advancing our mission. We are confident that Kerry will persist in her success at Minuteman Press, furthering growth in the business and thriving in her role. Thank you, Kerry, for all that you do!