Amplify Austin 2020

Amplify Austin 2020

Four Ways to Make an Impact and Amplify Austin!

  1. Make your donation ahead of time
    1. Set it and forget it! 
    2. Go to Amplify Austin/WSP and enter a donation amount. Just $25 will enable WSP to send 2 new books and their mothers’ recording of the stories to 2 children, and $100 will pay for 8 digital voice recorders.
  2. Post a Facebook or Twitter message
    1. Our success is dependent on a strong and broad community of support. Spread the word and include our link: (Keep reading to see sample Facebook posts and tweets.)
  3. Add a message to your email signature
    1. Every email is an opportunity to spread the word about WSP. Add a short message, such as this one, to your email signature: Join me in supporting my favorite Austin nonprofit on Amplify Austin. Women’s Storybook Project connects children with their incarcerated moms through the joy of literature!
  1. Be a WSP cheerleader!
    1. Create an Amplify Austin individual fundraiser page. Simply go to and click “Fundraise” at the top of the WSP profile page. For Amplify Austin’s step-by-step guide click here.

Your support makes it possible for Women’s Storybook Project to further our mission of strengthening the bond between incarcerated mothers and their children through literature. We couldn’t do it without you!

For more information about how you can help, please contact Sun Connor at

Ideas for your Facebook post: 

Ideas for Twitter: