Board Member Spotlight: Angelica Zarazoga

Angelica Zarazoga




Meet, Angelica Zaragoza! ✨


Angelica Zaragoza’s journey with the Women’s Storybook Project (WSP) began during a challenging period of her life, marked by recurring incarcerations. Despite her hardships, she discovered WSP and its support, which became a lifeline for her and her eldest son, Andrew.
“I was in and out of jails and institutions for the majority of my adulthood… My oldest, Andrew, rode with me through everything, and he was the one who received the cassette tapes and the books.” Angelica remarked that her son still has the tapes to this day, and has used them to get through hard times or when he’s feeling down. 📚
Angelica’s initial impression of WSP, gained from within prison walls, was that it brought light into a dire situation. She notes, “The women and the volunteers made a world of difference in a place so dark.” Angelica’s commitment to WSP recently culminated in her appointment as WSP’s newest board member. This transition from recipient to board member showcases her remarkable transformation and the organization’s recognition of her lived experience. As she transitioned to a board member, she was surprised by the organization’s warm welcome and appreciation for her personal experiences. Angelica shared, “They’ve welcomed me in, really heard me, and listened to me.” 🌟

Angelica’s favorite aspect of her involvement with WSP is helping incarcerated mothers reconnect with their children, having been through this difficult experience herself. She is passionate about making a difference in their lives and giving these families “the opportunity to give those children what they’re lacking, and that’s a connection with Mom; and help those Moms through a dark place as well.” 💕


Angelica hopes more people gain awareness of WSP and come to understand the profound impact of the program’s work. She believes that even small efforts, like providing books, can change the lives of families affected by incarceration. Angelica emphasized, “this small change, this small effort that’s given… it changes the world of that family. A small book changes the child’s perspective and outlook on the situation… I know for me, if I could hear my mom’s voice again today it would change so many things, and make things so much easier. I just want to help other families go through what I’ve been through, and give back what has freely been given to me.” 🌍❤️
Angelica Zaragoza’s journey is a testament to the potential for change in challenging circumstances. She is dedicated to using her experiences to uplift others, embodying WSP’s mission in action. As she puts it, “I’m an open book, and I come with my story.” 📖
Thank you, Angelica, for all that you do!