“FUN” raise for WSP and Amplify a Mother’s Voice!

“FUN” raise for WSP and Amplify a Mother’s Voice!

Amplify Austin March 2-3rd

It’s almost here! Amplify Austin is just around the corner, and we need your help in making it a success for our organization. We can reach so many more lives and truly make an impact.  I thought it would be a great idea if the entire WSP team would “CHEERLEAD” during this campaign (SEE Number 4 in Amplify Austin-Ways attached!)  This will do a few things…(1) raise awareness (2) advocate for your personal passion (3) raise funds for Women’s Storybook Project!

THIS year – I’d propose that we cheerlead and ask (family, friends, colleagues and FACEBOOK) to make monthly/quarterly gifts.  By doing this, the gifts will in turn be larger, by allowing the donor to pay in smaller increments.

Example:  Sun Connor creates an individual fundraising page.  She shares it on social media and via email.   A friend of hers would like to contribute $250.  Instead of making a “one-time” donation of $250, he/she decides to pay $20 a month for 12 months.

There’s an option to make one time, monthly and/or quarterly gifts on Amplify Austin’s webpage.

WSP’s Amplify Austin goal is $18,000.  Our campaign is “Amplify Mother’s Voice”.  That’s roughly 52 people becoming sustaining donors to give $20 a month for a year…

If we can all get at a handful of donors to pledge $20 a month for a year – we’ll meet our goal!

All info is attached.  We can provide assistance getting individual campaigns set up if needed.
We hope everyone can have their page up – I can help. J

Sincerest thanks for all you do and give us a call with any questions!!