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Six-year old Alen received The Invisible String, our signature book, from his mom, Keila, last December. They have been connecting through Women’s Storybook Project, and Alen “really really enjoys it!” Dad and Alen listen every night to one of the books Alen’s mom has selected and read for him.

“Hello, I am a 14-year-old girl that lives in Colorado because my mom is in prison. My mom Terry has sent me a book from your program, and I would like to say I loved it. Getting to hear her voice was just the best thing in the world. I love this program and I think it is amazing that you guys are doing this. I opened the package and I was not expecting this, but I burst into tears of joy for receiving such an amazing present. She picked a book that I used to read when I was little. I loved Skippyjon Jones and getting this while she’s been in prison for over a year means a lot to me. I hope you guys can expand this project all over the states. It warms my heart knowing you are a nonprofit. You are amazing in every way and I hope this project continues.”

I am currently raising my granddaughter while her mom is away. My granddaughter is only 4 years old and greatly enjoys the books from her mother. We listen to them in the car (using the car CD player). Now every time we get in the car she asks, ‘Can Mom read to me?’ She misses her mom and loves hearing her read to her.”