The Difference We Make to Families

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My daughter loves her books. Her father says when she gets a book from me she laughs and carries her book around with her. “I thank ya’ll for giving me the opportunity to read these books. This is my only way of communicating with my daughter. My reading to her makes a difference in our lives.” 

Thank you so much for this program. My daughter and I both enjoyed it very much. It gave us a way to connect even from afar. It made me feel good that even from behind bars I was able to give her something. I can hardly tell you in words how good that made me feel or how much it means to me. Now that I am home, we can build on those connections we had made.”

 “This Storybook Project has helped with my strained communication with my children and family. They are now writing to me since the books started coming to them. It makes me feel closer to them and to know that they can hear my voice is reassuring to me. I know that one day even when they are grown, they will be able to either read my message in the books or listen to my voice and know that even with all this that we went through, I always maintained my love and I reached out to them.”