The Difference We Make to Incarcerated Mothers and Prisons

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This last weekend, I was incredibly moved by what one mother said to me. She has been in Storybook as often as she can for several years. She explained to me that the unit is currently sending offenders with ‘heat warnings’ to other units that are air conditioned. What she said next took my breath away. ‘I qualify to move, but I told them I didn’t want to be moved because I don’t want to take a chance of losing Storybook! Hearing my voice is just too important for my kids!’”

My son was 1 year old when I went away. Through regular visits, this program and God’s love for us both we have bonded in a very special way. This is the 3rd time I have been blessed to participate in the program and Jackson is now in kindergarten. The books have been an important part of his learning and an opportunity to get him interested in reading recreationally, for the joy of it. You could never fully imagine the way this program touches the inmate’s hearts but let me assure you there is nothing I’ve done the last 5 years that could possibly have the same impact.”

This group of amazing volunteers changes lives! I have worked with them since 2007 and their commitment to making a difference is as strong today as it was then. The lives of female offenders and their children benefit from The Storybook Project! Ms. Judith and all the volunteers inspire me to do all I can, as the Director of Correctional Institutions Division, to make a difference in female offender programs as well. Thank you Story Book!” L.W. Davis TDCJ