Freethink video

Freethink, an internet news organization, made a video showing how mothers connect with their children through reading. One mom states, “I love her, I’m never going to stop loving her - no matter what happens - and I want her to know that.” The simple sharing of a storybook can have a big impact on a family dealing with parental incarceration.

Mom packing envelope

“I want to personally thank you for this program. It means so much to me and my children. For them to hear Mommy reading to them again, to be able to encourage them to keep reading, and to hear them tell me about their books is so amazing.” Alecia

Children of offenders haven’t committed a crime.

At Women’s Storybook Project, we help incarcerated mothers record stories and messages for their children. For many families, these stories help to strengthen and heal damaged relationships and build hope for the future. By participating in this program, mothers can show their children that they are loved and missed.

Recognize Good

Say Thanks Austin! is an annual event that presents the Austin community with a unique opportunity to say “thank you” to a select group of remarkable individuals who contribute their time and talents toward exemplary acts of good. This year, our own Besher Garcia is one of those individuals!

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